Esja is a female-focused community who inspires self-development through connection and story. 

We facilitate a program of environmentally responsible work-shops, events and experiences.

Life balance is the beating heart of Esja. Our areas of focus cover career, finance, family, social, health, community and earth awareness, personal growth, home environment and intimate relationships.

At Esja we believe that every woman, girl, and in fact everyone has within them the ability to achieve amazing things and reach their pinnacle.

Esja is about creating a better world for the one and the many.  We believe that the feminine energy is beautiful, authentic and strong. We choose to focus on women and girls because we feel that by giving women and girls opportunities to reach their full potential a ripple effect is created which then extends to families and communities, nations and the world. 

At Esja our words and actions align with the direction of our heart. Our aim is to empower women and girls to live their best lives, to increase the ability for power and control in all areas of their lives and hence the ability for women and girls everywhere to effect change. 

We want to reimagine a world where domestic violence is non-existent, where women and girls can walk freely and safely at night, be educated and paid at the same level as our male counterparts. 

We want a world where we are all living our bests lives full of compassion and understanding for others and where equality reigns.

Every day Esja works to develop events and experiences which support our members to grow and reach their full potential. 

We believe in our vision of a strong, fulfilled  woman  and its power  in supporting and engaging others  to move forward to create  a better life for us all. 

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I Love Lennox Festival

Esja was proud to be invited to be a part of the Lennox Weddings and Events Collective who showcased an array of local businesses at the  I Love Lennox Festival on June 1st 2019. 


Women Wisdom and Wine

New event date to be announced. 

Our inaugural Women Wisdom and Wine is taking place in glorious Lennox Head in the month of September at Seven Mile Weddings. Our event promises a luscious space for connection and life philosophy and we will also be serving up some yummy local produce and wine.  Our venue pick is Seven Mile Weddings (above Beef and Beach). 

 The  topic for the night is FINDING YOUR LIFE BALANCE!!! 

 $3 per ticket goes toward resources for our Solid Foundations hub for women journeying away from domestic violence. 

Early Bird ticket price is $55 

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” – J.K. Rowling


ANNA HONEYCHURCH Founder and Director

Hi,  I'm Anna and I'm the creator of Esja!

I see myself as  a passionate woman who is constantly inspired and intrigued by  people, nature and the universe.


I have  run my own business for 30 years as a  music teacher and performer and have studied events management, sociology and art.  I currently also run a business called Spark Joy Clean and Declutter.  I have worked in mental health as a music therapist and events organiser for On Track Community Programs Northern Rivers and Sanctuary Northern Rivers and also work (in my spare time) as  a conceptual artist focusing on the subject of society and culture and its influence and effects on women. 

 In October 2008 I experienced an overnight change of perception  which put me into a heightened state of  awareness,  joy and self love for almost 2 years.  Unfortunately it was temporary!

Following this incredibly freeing and spiritual time,  I began to  encounter many  life challenges  including grief, autoimmune disease onset and marriage breakdown (among other things).

 Esja has evolved over the past few years as a vision of hope out of  all of these trials.  I have  finally found a way (with the help of others) to stay on  my true life path. 

  It is  my mission and passion to continue on  this road  toward wholeness  and to help others  to reach their  own pinnacle in life and experience the true joy thats waiting to be unleashed inside all of us. 

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